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A Rottweiler Aging Gracefully

“When people learn that I take Storm, my elderly Rottweiler, to a chiropractor they are usually incredulous. The first question is always “Why?” or “Does it really help?” Both questions are very easy to answer – Yes, it does help – a lot — and she seems to feel better and moves much better for several days or weeks after each treatment. After Storm sees Dr. Sherry Gaber, whether she needs just a minor adjustment or a major treatment, she gets into the car with greater ease and certainly moves easier and with less discomfort. She still walks slowly however, her quality of life is so much better, she is more alert, and in better shape than she was 4 years ago before she went to Sherry.”
Shelly Glantz, Santa Fe




Hit by a Car – No More Limp

“Angel was hit by a car and taken to the Espanola Shelter. Because nothing was broken, she was put up for adoption, and when I chose her was told, “She walks a little funny.” Actually, she had a pronounced limp and swayed back.  I took her to Sherry who had done miracles with my previous dog. Clearly Angel was seriously out of alignment and probably had been before the accident. After only two treatments, her limp is virtually gone and her back is much straighter. She also transformed from a picky, light eater into an active dog with a healthy appetite.”
Joan Sotkin, Santa Fe


Maggie the Alpaca


A Happy Alpaca

“Dr. Sherry Gaber has been treating my animals for at least 8 years; my dogs, my horse, and most recently, my alpacas. Of the miracles large and small that have resulted from the treatments, the most impressive story is my alpaca Maggie. Maggie was imported from Chile in the early 1990’s. She always had breeding problems. When I got her as part of a package, she had just had a baby (cria) – her fourth and last. She was 12 at the time and alpacas generally breed once every year to year and a half. I tried breeding her with no luck and discovered she had uterine cysts. Also she was also always cranky and would not voluntarily let a human within 10 feet of her. When Sherry was at the ranch adjusting my horse, I asked her to check the alpacas. She discovered that Maggie’s atlas was WAY out of alignment. We suspect she may have been dragged around by her head, probably during the importation process. Sherry adjusted her and told me to massage her head/neck connection as often as I could. The first miracle was that Maggie LET me massage her head. In fact, she loved it. Her personality totally changed. Then her body began changing shape. A month or so later, an ultrasound showed her uterine cysts were gone and she was pregnant. Unfortunately, the 12 or so years the girl was out of alignment had weakened her reproductive system so that she could not sustain the pregnancy. Her uterine wall had grown too weak. However, she remains a happy girl in her retirement – she is now 19. Her reproductive system remains cyst free. We both thank you with all our hears, Sherry!”
Stephanie Fauber


I Can Walk and Play Again!

Hello, my name is Tucker. I am a 13 year old newfie mix. A couple of months ago, I started not being able to get up, I couldn’t climb steps without falling, and I felt awful. I didn’t even want to go for walks because I hurt so much. This made me very sad and depressed. Sherry adjusted me and immediately I was able to get up easily, the pain stopped and I wanted to smile and play again. I can even trot. Now my mom is smiling too because she sees how happy I am. Many tail wags and thanks, Sherry.



Quick Recovery from a Fall

Yodi and I were riding down a dirt road at 5 miles an hour, we passed some cows at a distance and Yodi got so excited that he leaped and fell out of the window. He walked on 3 legs for a week was uncharacteristically tired and depressed . I began to worry that he had some very serious injuries. Sherry adjusted him. By that evening, he was beaming and full of vigor, barely limping. The following morning he was radiant and running comfortably on all 4 legs. He tells me that he is better now than he was before the injury thanks to the wonderful adjustment. By the way, he has become mesmerized by Sherry and melts at the sight of her. He knows that she helped him. Gratefully, April and Yodi Lowe



An 11-Year-Old Cat is Rejuvenated

Oliver is my dear eleven year old kitty who has had skin and food allergies, neurological issues, nervous system disorders, and has suffered many phobias  most of his life. He has been cross-eyed and visually impaired always. Since his adjustment, his eyes look almost completely normal, his allergies have alleviated, and  he plays with the other cats because he feels stronger and more confident. We feel so grateful to have Sherry to help us. It is so rewarding to see him enjoying his life more than he has ever been able to before. Thank you dearly, Sherry.  April and Oliver Lowe


Quarter Horse Pecos

A Horse Walks Normally Again

“My 19 year old Quarter Horse Pecos suddenly lost his softness while in motion and was not moving his rear right leg as fully as normal. In 45 minutes Dr. Gaber analyzed what was wrong, showed me clearly what she was seeing and explained the reasons for his problem. With amazing calmness and certainty she worked her hands in appropriate places. You could see his bodily changes immediately. And two days later when I took him for a work out he was back to his normal self – and extremely happy to be moving easily. A happy horse! A happy horse owner! Fabulous!” – Richard Beal



Dolly Is Her Old Self Again

“Sherry, I just want to send a message to let you know how grateful we are for your treatment of our shih tzu, Dolly. Almost 2 years ago when we came to see you, Dolly was literally on her last legs. She had trouble walking, wasn’t playful any more and was often nauseated. You took one look at her and could see that her neck was badly out of alignment. Immediately after her initial treatment that day, she was ‘smiling,’ wagging her tail and wanting to jump on my lap. While we’ll never know what caused her major misalignment, we do know now that with periodic adjustments our 9-year-old darling is a happy, healthy ‘senior citizen.’ How blessed we are to have learned about you and your methods before it was too late. Indeed, we believe it was karma!

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