Danny the Dachshund Thrives

I found Danny, a sweet and beautiful Daschund  over 10 years ago roaming the streets, abandoned. I fell madly in love with him and he became part of our family with 2 other Schnauzers at home.

Several months ago Danny started having severe back problems. I took Danny to my vet and he said that it was a problem for the breed. He gave me muscle relaxers and some medicine to help the inflammation. Danny would have some good days and some difficult days. I had to start giving him medicine on a regular basis. I was afraid that Danny was not going to be with us for much longer and I would never want him to suffer. He had really slowed down and just wasn’t doing well.

I didn’t know what to do and a friend of mine told me about Sherry Gaber in Santa Fe.He said that she has helped his dog and was a chiropractor for animals. I thought about it for a while because I wasn’t sure and I couldn’t imagine how she could help Danny.

I decided that I had to try and see if I could get him some help.

When I first met Sherry, I knew that she was truly amazing and she is. Her love for animals and her gentle nature combined with her knowledge was very apparent in the first few moments of meeting her. She worked on Danny, got on the floor with him and did her magic painlessly and in a very short period of time. She showed me a model of a spine and she showed me that his first vertebrae was twisted and she somehow put it back in place which looked effortless and painless.

Well Danny slept, took time to heal. I couldn’t tell what was going on with him the first week after his adjustment because he slept and slept. I knew that something major had taken place for him because he was sleeping so much. He was getting a bit peppier each day and then he got a lot better. He was better than before and back to being Danny. He was running and jumping and barking at my neighbor and playing with the schnauzers. He seemed to be really fine, I could not see any signs of previous pain. Now he is really doing well and I’m sure that Sherry saved his life. This experience was truly a miracle for Danny and myself. I am just so grateful for Sherry and thankful that I took a chance. Danny is the love of my life and I’m looking forward to spending many good years with him.

Terry Huber, Santa Fe

Adjusting a Dog
Animal Chiropractor Sherry Gaber Doing Adjustment Charlie the Buffalo