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 Rabbits Need Help Too!

Rabbits adjusted by Sherry GaberMy 11-year-old rabbit, Eddie, had developed some balance and mobility problems. Over time, he also lost weight and strength. At my chiropractor’s recommendation, I took Eddie to see Sherry, and as a result of the treatments, he is definitely improving. He has better mobility and strength and appears to be gaining weight. I recommend Sherry Gaber as a chiropractor for animals!”



Madison's arthritis is greatly improved


Lab’s Arthritis Greatly Improved

“Dr. Gaber has been assisting my yellow lab Madison, in her healing process dealing with arthritis in her left knee and hip. Madison’s improvement in mobility and exhibiting less pain has been very significant. Dr. Gaber is extremely talented and compassionate in her chiropractic work with my dog. I am absolutely grateful and recommend her intervention.”
Sandra Challenger






Energeitc at 15

“Teeka is 15 years old and has been going to see Dr. Gaber for regular adjustments for three years. We call her the “mighty dog” and she hiked 6 miles with us just last weekend. Going for regular treatments has helped Teeka stay active and healthy in spite of her age and having osteoarthritis in her hind end. We are so grateful to have Dr. Gaber’s help and expertise with our wonderful dog. Teeka is an important part of our family and we are thrilled that, with Sherry’s help, she is still able to be so active and happy.”
Jane Bernard





After a Fall. . .

“During a hectic round of play, Nikki jumped up to the top of the couch. Our other pug was right behind her, and knocked Nikki — face first — to the brick floor below. After two days of seizures, her vet suggested several courses of treatment including MRI’s and the possibility of lifetime steroids. After ten days on steroids she was better, but not healed. My chiropractor referred me to Dr. Gaber, and after one treatment Nikki was greatly improved. In fact, she gained mobility in her hind legs that she didn’t have before her alignment. I thank Dr. Gaber for this life-changing treatment for Nikki, and do believe that a harmonizing of traditional veterinarian care and chiropractic should be considered whenever your dog has mobility problems.”
Tina Atencio




Great Relief from Hip Dysplasia

“After being diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and having two knee surgeries, Brenna was on a daily dose of pain medications that really did not help that much. She was having terrible trouble walking, sitting, standing, and squatting. As a last resort I was given Dr. Gaber’s number. Instantly after her adjustment I could see a difference in her stance and stride!! Brenna and I will forever be grateful to Dr. Gaber!”
Karen McKenna



Free of Pain Again!

“Dr. Gaber: You have “magical hands”….my Santiago is so relaxed and pain free. I so appreciate you in our lives! We so heart you”
Carol Kirby



A Message from Molly:

“Before I went to Dr. Sherry for a spinal adjustment, my back left leg had lost most of its strength, I had very little energy and frankly, the pain made me a rather grumpy Shih-Tzu. After just one adjustment I could feel a difference. I’ve now had three sessions with Dr. Sherry and not only am I happier and more energetic but the muscle tone in my leg is returning. I will be turning 10 soon but my mom says that I look and act like I’m only 2! Thanks Dr. Sherry!”
Molly Margaret McNally-Smith

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