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Your animal can experience a new level of health and movement
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Optimal health for your animal through Spinal Care
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All dogs can benefit from chiropractic care to heal a variety of issues. No matter if your dog is the lovable home pet, working or show dog… Sherry can help speed the healing process.

Cats have a habit of getting into fights or sustaining injury from a miscalculated jump. Situations like this can cause spinal misalignments that require adjusting to be healthy.

Horses are especially good candidates for Chiropractic care. Trail riding, training and jumping can sometimes lead to injury. Sherry can work to help ease discomfort and regain mobility.

Livestock can experience injury in the barnyard, such as when goats butt each other. Sherry has experience with treating a variety of animals in different settings.


What people have said about Sherry and how her chiropractic skills have helped heal their pets and animals.

After Storm sees Dr. Sherry Gaber, whether she needs just a minor adjustment or a major treatment, she gets into the car with greater ease and certainly moves easier and with less discomfort.

Shelly Glantz, Santa Fe

Eleven Year old Oliver is cross-eyed, with allergies and a variety of neurological issues. Since his adjustment, his eyes look almost completely normal, allergies alleviated, and plays with other cats.

April and Oliver Lowe

My 19 year old Quarter Horse Pecos was not moving his rear leg as normal. Dr. Gaber analyzed the problem and began therapy. Two days later working out, he was back to his old self.

Richard Beal

My Alpaca, Maggie had a variety of problems including uterine cysts. Sherry found Maggie was way out of alignment. After adjusting, the cysts went away and she was so much happier!

Stephanie Fauber

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About Animal Chiropractic

I get a lot of questions about the specifics of what I do as an animal chiropractor. For the most part, I am a brainstem specialist. That means that I look at the biomechanical interference that would affect the brain stem. There are 300 trillion nerves that communicate from the brain to

The Story Of Charlie The Buffalo

Charlie was orphaned and adopted at 6 days old. He grew up with a loving family, but when full grown and introduced to a buffalo herd he freaked and ran headlong into a steel post. Read about how Sherry came to Charlie’s rescue!

Animal Chiropractor’s Healing Hands

Excellent article about Sherry and the miracles she performs from the Santa Fe New Mexican. Read more about Sherry’s mission, her life and the benefits of Chiropractic care for pets and all animals.

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